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The flowers of the Anthurium are some of the longest-lasting on earth, which means that dazzling colour will last in your home for months. The…

Areca Palm

If you’re looking to add a tropical vibe to your home, nothing beats a palm plant. Once you look for them, you’ll start noticing areca…

Double Spike Orchid in Cement Pot

Elevate your home decor with our distinctive Orchid. Crafted from premium materials, it effortlessly exudes timeless charm. Whether on a console, vanity, or dining table,…

Ficus Elastica

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Owning a Rubber Plant is all about the retro-chic of broad, shiny leaves. Ficus elastica is a modern variety that is very close to the…

Ficus Ginseng

Bonsai refers to the art of cultivating these small trees and is an integral part of Japanese culture dating back to the early 14th century.…

Ficus Lyrata

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig is famous for its broad, vibrant green leaves with prominent veining. It prefers a stable environment and can be fickle when…

Ficus Tineke

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Ficus Tineke is a select variety of Ficus elastica and one of the ‘new’ highly variegated rubber plants on the market. Elastica originates from India…

Golden Pothos

Effortless elegance: Golden Pothos, famed for easy care, boasts heart-shaped green leaves with yellow variegation. Indoors, it can trail up to 300cm. Ideal for spaces,…

Hoya Heart

The Hoya Heart plant, scientifically known as Hoya kerrii, is an adorable and charming succulent that captures hearts with its unique foliage. Its leaves resemble…

Mini Triple Spike Orchid in Cement Pot

Make a statement in your home with this stunning Mini Orchid arrangement mixed with live plants in cement pot. Made using the highest grade materials.…

Monstera Deliciosa

Chances are you’ve spotted its graphic leaves on everything from pillows to wallpaper. Monstera Deliciosa is famous for its quirky natural leaf holes. These holes…

Parlour Palm

This palm is also called the Bamboo Palm because it has attractive bamboo-like stems that also spread similarly to bamboo. The Parlor Palm is a…