More About Us

More About Us

Meet the Family That Makes Holland
Not Just a Flower Shop


Jungle Chris

Plants and Culture

Flower Annie

Mother Florist

Doc. Nikos

Plant Care

Lens Andreas

Concept Photographer

Sunny Jim

Energy Efficient Expert

Blossom Marinos

Young Florist

Welcome to the Holland Flower Family

young nicos

Holland Flower Shop begun as a true fairy-tale love story. Owners and soon-to-be husband and wife Nikos and Annie, both had and have a love towards nature, plants, flowers and of course each-other.

Nikos had a degree in floriculture and landscape architecture and Annie was a young florist at the time. Together they decided to combine their knowledge and in July 1986 they opened a small, neighborhood-corner flower shop, by the name “Holland”.

The shop was originally located at the corner off Ayias Zonis street, just across its current location. The main business was a flower shop and they also offered landscape maintenance services.

old entrance holland flower shop

In the 90’s and 00’s business grew in other fields as well, including landscape design and wedding and events floral decorations.

Through all these years, the shop and its people have always had an active part in the community, creating bonds and relationships with all the people of the neighborhood. All of Annie’s loyal customers feel the flower shop as their home and she sees them as part of the “Holland” family. Flowers have always been a symbol of joy and love and people have always shared the biggest events in their life with her.

The years have passed and the boys are all grown up. All have grown to love nature, plants, flowers and the shop. The time has come for them to take active roles in “Holland” and have their input, bringing it to the 21st century.

old entrance holland flower shop

Soon after opening the shop, in 1987, the family welcomed their first baby, Andreas. The business was running smoothly and little boy Andreas became the little helper around the shop.

In 1993, the family welcomed their second son, Demitris. As the family grew, so did the business. So, in 1994, the flower shop moved into a bigger space, just across the street which is still its current home.

In the following years, the family welcomed two more baby boys; Chris in 1997 and Marinos in 1999. All four boys grew up in the flower shop, alongside mom and dad, watching and learning the art of floristry and the love for nature.

old sign holland flower shop

In 2018, Chris was the first to actively take charge of the shop’s social media. The motive was to help mom with technology and the shop’s online presence. From the outset he was drawn to plants and quickly discovers their importance in our lives, mind and soul. He completely embraces his green love and gets extremely involved in bringing plants in people’s lives.

Now, in 2021, the small local corner shop, takes a breath of fresh air and evolves into a “NOT JUST A FLOWER SHOP”, expands its horizons, while still keeping its local, people-oriented and family-centered philosophy.

We are proudly Australian.


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