Strelitzia Nicolai

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Despite the name, this is not a banana tree. It gets its popular name because its leaves look very similar to those of a banana tree, not because it bears any yellow fruit. Its other, more fitting, nickname is white bird of paradise, because of the enormous, exotic flowers that bloom on very mature plants in the wild. It’s rare for plants to flower indoors, but it is possible. Comes in a nursery pot and wrapped with craft paper.

Toxic / Non-Pet Friendly

Dimensions (in Approximation):
Height: 130cm
Overall Diameter: 85cm

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The Strelitzia Nicolai, is a majestic and tropical plant with large, banana-like leaves. Originating from South Africa, this botanical beauty adds a touch of exotic grandeur to indoor and outdoor spaces alike. With its impressive size and lush foliage, the Strelitzia Nicolai becomes a focal point, creating a statement of elegance and sophistication. Thriving in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, it’s a captivating choice for those seeking a bold and low-maintenance addition to their plant collection. Embrace the tropical allure of the Strelitzia Nicolai and transform your space into a botanical oasis.