Bio Plantella Natur – Plant enhancement

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Natural, ready-to-use plant enhancement product based on polycobi. Strengthens the cell walls of vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals and keeps them resilient and healthy.

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Instructions for use: Shake the bottle well before application and
spray the plants carefully. It is important to spray before conditions such as
temperature and humidity favor the development of diseases, usually in spring and
summer. Application is recommended in the evening hours when sunlight is low.
Start spraying vegetables in the garden when 4 leaves are fully developed and
continue to spray at 7-10 day intervals throughout the growing season
period. Reapply after rain. Ornamental plants and fruit trees
trees are susceptible to fungal growth in the spring. This is the perfect time for
start spraying with Natur to prevent various diseases. It is recommended to
sprayed at 7-10 day intervals throughout growth. The conditions for
disease development in indoor and greenhouse plants are suitable throughout
during the year. To ensure healthy plants, it is recommended to spray them with Natur in
period of 10-12 days.