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Complementing the chamomile are the ethereal Oxypetalum flowers, also known as “Star of Bethlehem” blooms. These star-shaped wonders add a touch of celestial beauty to the arrangement, symbolising hope and purity. Their delicate blue petals create a striking contrast against the chamomile’s white, resulting in a stunning visual harmony. Elevate your gifting or decor with the Chamomile and Oxypetalum Flower Box – a symphony of natural beauty and floral artistry that’s sure to enchant and inspire.

Shown Above: 20 stems Chamomiles & 10 stems Oxypetalum

Dimensions:  Height: 35cm x Width: 30cm


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Each item purchased from us undergoes meticulous preparation, ensuring it is hand-delivered as committed, and presented in tastefully designed gift wrap adorned with ribbon, resulting in a remarkable gift. We assure you of the finest quality flowers.

For custom designs, rest assured that we strive to replicate them as faithfully as possible to the provided picture. It’s important to keep in mind that each design is unique and one-of-a-kind.